Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Youth in the Extreme Right

Much attention has been given to the religious right, its older leaders such as Pat Robertson and James Dobson, and their tremendous influence on religion and politics. Much like how these two leaders use religion to justify getting involved with politics, leaders of the Aryan Nation and the their Ku Klux Klan use religion as a basis to justify their racial separatism. These groups attract many youths and instill in them that they are the supreme race over lesser races. They are often inspired and instigated into criminal behavior ranging from hate crimes to acts of terrorism against abortion and homosexuality. I believe they take such actions because they believe they are defending their christian identity as god's chosen race. The media does not cover much of these stories, except in mostly local news. If more people were aware of the violence and hate promoted by these groups, they would see that they are incompatible with the traditional American principle of equal representation for all people, and that they are actually anti-government. Because these groups are a very small minority and have little media coverage i do not see much political action to be take against them. Much like gangs in America, I believe more action needs to be taken against them.

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