Thursday, October 11, 2007

Non-Mainstream Extreme Right?

The extreme right is in no way close to or representative of the mainstream right and religious right, but is there such a thing as an non-mainstream group within the extreme right? I think so, and i believe these groups are those renegade mormon sects whose social and political pratices are too much to take in even for the extreme right. These sects, most notably the one lead by Warren Jeffs, step past Evangelical beliefs and also Mormon beliefs. The crimes they comitt step over even extreme right beliefs of the Aryan nation. What these groups do are considered so taboo that when mentioned to society, most are reviled that the government has not completely banned it. Polagamy, rape, and forced incest are the common pratices of these renegade groups. These groups defend their pratices politically, arguing that it is their religious right to do so. It took a case on child abuse to get Warren Jeffs convicted. No matter how important the freedom of religion is, I want the government to stop any such religion or cult which permitts such pratices.

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