Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Whole New Crusade?

Now that information regarding child sex abuse in the boy scouts, much like that of the catholic church, has been revealed, i believed that the right has lost a strong voter base; as trust in the boy scouts have been loss and I believe that children for the boy scouts will have less dedication to conservative values and less likely to vote for the right. This is why i see the media covering a possible "new crusade", a christian youth movement called "Jesus Camp" where kids are seemingly in a religious trance and are praying to Bush. Where as the media covers the Muslim faith in stories involving terrorism and civil rights. The media covers the Christian faith in stories involving overzealous and intolerant people. From these news stories that I see from the media I get a feeling that there will be a whole new generation of voters who will be completely inflexible on political/religious issues such as gay marriage and abortion and any secular movements.

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