Thursday, October 25, 2007

Exceptions for Censorship

Before, I said that private groups should be allowed to censor the media in the name of decency. Other than this, i believe that the media should be allowed to air what ever they see fit. I see that it s the media's duty to exposed what is not known to America. No matter how absurd or shocking it is, it must be exposed. If the media is not oblige to do this I believe that the tragedies of this world will never be known. Other than for decency, I believe that it is also the duty of religion and politics to help push the media to exposed the wrongs of the world. No matter how much harm this exposure can do, if it is harming the offenders of the world (religion and politics included) then the world is better off. Even if this exposure can bring conflict or shame as it did in the Catholic church and the political cartoons about Muhammad, the world is better of knowing that it happened than to not know that it took place.

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