Monday, October 15, 2007

A Look at Home

Having lived in Westminster for as long as i can remember, i was surprised to hear that my small little hometown was involved in another controversy. I knew about Mendez v. Westminster, and the school board's segregation of Mexican students which would lead to Brown v. Board of Education. But when I heard Mr. Lobdell mentioned Westminster multiple times in his lectures, I felt like going home and researching this controversial school board in my town. I knew that there were many Vietnamese and Mexicans in Westminster, but was surprise to see that the 2000 census showed an equally large White population of whom are mostly Christian. I was also surprised to learn that this controversial school board was also mostly Christian. From this discovery, i hypothesized that the school board's controversies were indeed probably religiously motivated. When i looked at the controversies at hand (family values in school, religion in school, and gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender rights for students and teachers) I only leaned towards my hypothesis more. But now as I continue to ask some teachers I'm beginning to question if all of this is just a matter of spinning on the part of the media and all who are involved.

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