Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Larger Look at Education, Religion, and School Boards

Having looked closely at the Westminster school board, i will now look at the larger picture of school boards and protesters who demonstrate over praying in school, bible classes, and teaching creationism. Georgia's state school board has approved bible classes in high school but only some schools are actually offering these elective classes. There were many schools across the country having such classes, but the difference remains, that those schools used local public funding while in Georgia the state is funding such cases. I whole heartedly disagree with having bible classes in public school. The supporters would argue that understanding the bible is fundamental to fully understanding politics and history, which is a moot point, but I see these classes as another way of the religious right to reinforce their religion and political leanings on to students. The reason that only some schools in Georgia has offered such classes is that the line between teaching and preaching the bible is so short that they do not dare take the chance of possibly being sued for having a teacher become a preacher.

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