Friday, October 12, 2007

The Other Side in America

I have give much attention to the extreme right, and now i will focus on the other side. On the extreme right the political actions taken are often motivated by religion and race, but on the extreme left i see that their actions are motivated by the same thing. The extreme left do all that they can, mostly through legal means, to protect religious and racial equality. The most recent case of extreme left political action was in San Francisco, where a father, on behalf of his daughter filed a lawsuit to remove the requirement for school children to recite the pledge of allegiance because it contained the words "under god". Where I stand on the political spectrum i view that the extreme right's political actions are violent and really just a bully tactic that they often justify using the bible. I believe that the extreme left's political actions, although noble and legal, are not needed, and that they should instead focus more of their time on controlling the extreme right and what the do.

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