Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Students, Teachers, and Rights

What are the rights of students and teachers who are gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender(GLBT) at public schools and how do the law and school boards deal with this. At the problem of all this controversy is the board of education, the Westminster school board, and AB537 which sets rules against discrimination of GLBT's. The dispute centers on the board of education ordering the school board to clearly define gender so that no interpreting of terms can be used to justify discrimination. The media claims that the school board has a religious slant, citing a statement from a school board member saying that their resistance to AB537 will bring "great benefits in heaven". This statement surly says alot about the board's believes but is the media spinning this out of hand by claiming that the school board makes their decisions on a religious slant? I believe so, such a claim does not have much legitimacy if it is based on one statement. Furthermore, I believe that the school board, although religious, does not dare break laws for fear of getting funding cuts, but they are just expressing their opinions and dissatisfaction by using controversy.

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