Friday, October 5, 2007

Dividing America

Having compared the different faiths in America and its relationship with politics and the media, i have come to reach a conclusion that America is much more divided amongst religion than i have ever thought. Although race, gender and equality has pretty much been settle constitutionally with the 13, 14, and 19th amendments, the issue of god in the Constitution remains. Each different faith claims that the "god"
that the Constitution refers to is theirs. Even the atheists are involve in this issue and want god to be completely removed. Being religiously apathetic(nearly atheist) i tend to side with the atheist and would rather have god removed from the constitution. If i had my way with the constitution and other American documents and pledges, I would much rather keep "god" but would remove "indivisible", because it would best describe the political and especially religious climate in America.

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DiVerL said...

I live in a county in California where they are trying to put "in God we Trust" in every classroom (it'll be voted on tomorrow, I think). Because, they say, it's our National motto, though they love the religious undertone of it. They are trying to portray it as an American thing, on a political side, where us atheists see it as only a religious wrong, considering there should be seperation of church and state.

I like your blog. If you're leaning toward atheism join the blogroll....lots of good stuff there.