Thursday, October 18, 2007

Religion, Evolution, Schools, and Politics, ITS NOTHING NEW

Much protest has arisen out of teaching evolution versus teaching creationist science in the recent years, but this fight over religion schools and politics is nothing new. The scopes trials following the civil war was over movements to ban teaching bible-threatening science in the south. Sure, Scopes did violate a Tennessee law at that time prohibiting teaching creationism, but i believe justice truly prevailed when the decision was overturned on a technicality. Despite this guilty plea, the evolutionist would win a major victory and slowly cause other states to repeal "monkey laws". What before was the religious side attacking science, and now that they do not have their way they have to reverted to a kind of hypocrisy calling their bible beliefs "creationist science". When they can not get evolution out of the schools they would try to put creationism science along side evolution to be taught together. I see this as there weakest attempt to promote the teaching of their views in school. This is nothing more than sore losers who wont give up and accept that it is the law for church and state to be separated.

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