Monday, October 8, 2007

The Extreme Right, but an Extreme Left?

Having been raised in an liberal family and watching the "liberal media" I see and hear many stories involvong religious/political extremists. The one theme i see in most of the stories is that an extreme right is involve and often the conflict involve religion. Most people know that the right opposes many social issues such as abortion, gay marraige and evolution, What most people do not know is the extreme right and what they are willing to do to get their message across on these issues. I see their tatics as terrorism, for when the law does not bend their way, they resort to cowardice like Al Queda and take the law into their own hands for religious reasons. I hear the right say alot of things about abortion, gay marraige, and evolution, i often do not hear them condemn the extreme right and their violent attacks and ambushes on abortion clinics and its patients. I do not hear them condemn gay bashing and threats of death. I just do not hear alot of these things. All that I hear about the extreme left are tree hugging animal loving hippies who protest what society does. I want to learn more about the extreme left and any cowardly and violent things they have done, tell me what i do not hear.

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