Monday, October 1, 2007

Comparing different religions with politics and the media

Having studied comparative politics, i would like to examine different religions and how each religion is portrayed by the media and how political events enter the mix.

The American media has two ways of portraying Muslims and Islam. The Iraq War, Muslim against Muslim, and Muslim against Jews, are extensively covered in international news, where Muslims are involved in conflicts with themselves and others. The other way that the media portrays Muslims is that of Americans vs. Muslims and Christians vs. Muslims. Most domestic news stories often portrays Muslims as struggling to fit in with Americas and often undiverse. Incidents involving Christians and Muslims portrays Christians as ignorant and fearful of the Muslim faith and Muslims as possibly threatening to the status quo.

The media often leaves out or ignores many stories in international news involving Muslims, often just focusing on violence and the war much in the same way that they ignore the African Muslim population in America and stereotyping them as Nation of Islam.

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