Monday, October 22, 2007

Schools and Religion, Why Should Politics Care?

Why should school boards even be allowed to force schools to include creationism in the school's science curriculum. I care for both religion and science and for their sake I believe that politics should be allowed do all it can to limit or eliminate religion from schools. These evangelist and fundamentalists Christians read the bible so literally that they want to translate their beliefs onto all of society as a whole. I belief that religion is wholly based on faith, and that if you have faith in your beliefs, no matter what is taught to you at school your beliefs stay strong. If you fear that teaching evolution can hurt society then you are not all that religious because you do not have much faith in your beliefs. This lack of faith translates into a need to defend your believes and force it onto others. Attempts to use the law to limit evolution from schools are pathetic. Society, even the evangelists and fundamentalist, are relying on science more than ever and will only rely on it more. For the sake of science and society everyone should at least learn science for the sake of having a proper grounding in science education because it is part of being a well informed and to limit this for religious matters would be to limit society.

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