Monday, October 22, 2007

Life in America

Having lived in America for many years now, I have discovered that taxes and death are not the only unavoidable things in this world. Everyday I can not escape religion, politics and the media. Much like the three branches of American government I want to see who exerts what force between these three unavoidable things in my life. To me the media is at the center of everything broadcasting or more specifically narrowcasting to the public, what they want to see. On the outside I see religion and politics using the media for its advantages. From what i observe all three things are just really trying to make money. The media sells a service while religion and politics use this service for money or to make money. Politics and religion may also have other issues they want to tackle but does the media have any other issues to tackle or, do they just want to make money. I believe on the most part the media only covers what it thinks will make it money. Because of this, there is an economic bias in news stories which makes certain situations for certain religious and political figures worse off.

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