Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Extreme Right and the Future

Surely, extremist like these guys will never turn America into such a white society, but the can and have been able to paint parts of America so that other races are bleached out. Gary Miller, a california representative, is one of these far right politicians who has used the immigration crisis to support his right-wing extremism which got him 62% of the votes in California's 42nd district. Although the district he runs in, does have people of other races and religions, there have been little to none challengers to his seat in congress. I believe this phenomenon has been caused by Miller's strong influence on what people consider important. With time i believe he can make his constituents consider race and religion as important issues as well. If right wing extremism, supported by the immigration crisis, takes a hold in more districts, I see that those districts and its constituents may possibly and slowly support issues among the right wing agenda like religous and cultural issues as well. There are parts of America which are already white, not because it was painted white, but because its inhabitants were white. What I do not want to see is a part of America where there are people of other colors be painted white.

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