Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fighting Back Against Popular Culture

For previous posts I mention some of the more popular religious/political leaders of the world and explained why they might have near celebrity status. Now I will dive into why do the Conservative Christian leaders are not so popular and looked upon negatively. I believe it is because, not only are they not mainstream and are intolerant, they are fighting against the mainstream. They seems as they are militant towards anything mainstream. As abortion clinics made their way through and gain some acceptance from women and men they bomb it. And now as gay marriage rights are being fought on the coasts of America, the Christian conservatives are attacking the gays again. This time they are doing it by going to the teens and young adults who are so involved with popular culture. I consider this move brilliant, because instead of trying change the culture, they are getting rid of it and setting up a new one. I also consider this move to breed intolerance and hate under religion.

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Paul said...

The immoral left wing regressive people in this country who like homosexuality, abortion, open borders, anti-religious views, anti-military, anti-U.S. govt , are actually the degenerates in our society who would serve everyone better if they just moved to one of those other countries that are so much better than the U.S. They are traitors, non-patriots, who think American Idol stars and hollywood tarts are our hero's.
They are the digusting degenerates that have dropped our country into a moral free fall.